Bonnie Terry - Co-founder of Scholar Within, Inc.

Bonnie Terry is a Board-Certified Educational Therapist and the best-selling author of Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills, Ten Minutes to Better Writing and Study Skills, and The Sentence Zone. She is the Co-founder of Scholar Within, Inc. and founder of Bonnie Terry Learning. Bonnie has a worldwide practice where she teaches teachers and parents how to help their kids improve their skills in 30-minutes to an hour a day.

Bonnie’s Story

“I struggled with reading in elementary school. After getting help, I decided that I not only wanted to teach but that I wanted to make learning easy for everyone. I wanted to understand how we learn, how the brain works, and what we can do to make it easier to learn.

After becoming a multi-certified learning specialist, I taught in Illinois and California and then opened a learning center. I taught thousands of students and have continuously researched the best practices and methodologies to improve learning. We all learn through our senses, hearing, seeing, and doing. Among these senses, there are 9 sub-areas of processing, similar to how with our sense of taste, you can taste sweet, sour, bitter, and savory. By using methods that improve these specific areas of processing information through the senses, learning becomes easier. Students of all levels, from pre-school through adults can improve their skills, without much effort.

With the goal of making learning easy, I designed and developed a variety of learning tools, including books, games, and guides, along with online learning programs. When we work with the brain and use specific ‘brain-friendly’ methods, learning not only becomes easier, it also becomes fun and even exciting.

As our programs have developed a worldwide focus and new tools have become available, we have transitioned to a teaching approach that incorporates both online and ‘at-home offline activities’ so that students everywhere can easily improve their skills.

It is my mission to help you help your kids improve their reading skills, confidence, and overall academic success.”